Embark on a journey of hormonal optimization with Aromaxyl by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals – a potent aromatase inhibitor crafted to redefine your body’s estrogen balance. Unleashing the power of 25mg Exemestane per tablet, Aromaxyl stands as your key to precision hormonal control.


Aromaxyl, a creation of Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, is a game-changer in estrogen management. Each sachet holds 30 tablets, each containing 25mg of Exemestane, renowned for its efficacy in controlling estrogen levels and promoting hormonal equilibrium.


aromaxyl sachet by kalpa pharmaceuticals
Drug Class: Aromatase Inhibitor
Main Active Substance: Exemestane
Concentration: 25 mg per tablet
Presentation: 30 tablets in sachet
Elimination Half-Life: Approximately 27 hours
Recommended Dosage: Tailored to individual needs
Anabolic Ratio: Not applicable (non-anabolic)
Androgenic Ratio: Not applicable (non-androgenic)
Acne: Rare
Hepatotoxicity: Low
Aromatization: Inhibits aromatase activity
Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, India



For Men:

Estrogen Management during Steroid Cycle:

Cycle Duration: 12 Weeks

  • Testoxyl Enanthate 250 (Testosterone Enanthate) – 500 mg per week
  • Nandroxyl 250 (Nandrolone Decanoate) – 400 mg per week
  • Aromaxyl (Exemestane) – 25 mg every other day for estrogen control

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT):

  • Clomixyl (Clomiphene Citrate) – 50 mg daily
  • Aromaxyl (Exemestane) – 25 mg every other day for the first two weeks, then as needed based on estrogen levels

For Women:

Estrogen Management during Steroid Cycle:

Cycle Duration: 8 Weeks

  • Primoxyl (Methenolone Acetate) – 50 mg per week
  • Aromaxyl (Exemestane) – 12.5 mg every other day for estrogen control

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT):

  • Clomixyl (Clomiphene Citrate) – 25 mg daily
  • Aromaxyl (Exemestane) – 12.5 mg every other day for the first two weeks, then as needed based on estrogen levels


While Aromaxyl is generally well-tolerated, users should be aware of potential side effects. Individual responses may vary, and it’s crucial to approach usage responsibly. Consultation with a healthcare professional is highly recommended.

Joint Discomfort:
Exemestane may contribute to joint stiffness or discomfort, a common side effect of aromatase inhibitors. Adequate hydration and joint supplements can help alleviate this symptom.

Headache and Fatigue:
Mild headaches or fatigue may occur initially. These symptoms are often transient and tend to diminish with continued use. Adjusting the dosage or seeking medical advice may be considered if symptoms persist.

Bone Density Concerns:
Prolonged use of aromatase inhibitors like Exemestane may impact bone density. Regular monitoring, especially for individuals with pre-existing bone health concerns, is advisable.

Mood Changes:
While uncommon, some users may experience mood changes. Monitoring for mood swings and seeking medical advice if persistent is recommended.

Libido Changes:
Exemestane may influence libido due to hormonal fluctuations. Users should be attentive to any changes and consider adjustments if needed.

Digestive Issues:
Mild digestive issues such as nausea or upset stomach may occur in some users. Taking Exemestane with food can help mitigate these symptoms.

Allergic Reactions:
While rare, allergic reactions to Aromaxyl may occur. Users should be vigilant for signs such as rash, itching, or swelling and seek immediate medical attention if these symptoms arise.

Cardiovascular Effects:
Exemestane does not directly impact cardiovascular health. However, users should be mindful of potential indirect effects through alterations in lipid profiles. Regular cardiovascular check-ups are advisable.

It’s essential for users to be attentive to potential side effects and seek medical advice if any concerns arise. Regular health check-ups and monitoring during the use of Aromaxyl contribute to a safe and effective experience.


aromaxyl lab test report


For genuine Aromaxyl source by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, rely only on authorized suppliers to ensure product integrity and your safety. Seek reputable distributors committed to delivering genuine, quality-enhancing solutions.


  • Precision Estrogen Control: Aromaxyl showcases Kalpa Pharmaceuticals’ commitment to precise estrogen management, promoting optimal hormonal balance.
  • Hormonal Harmony: With 25mg Exemestane per tablet, it empowers users to achieve hormonal equilibrium during and after steroid cycles.
  • Health Empowerment: Incorporate Exemestane into your regimen for overall health empowerment, ensuring a harmonious and balanced hormonal profile.
  • Kalpa’s Assurance: Trust in Kalpa Pharmaceuticals’ dedication to quality, evident in every sachet of Aromaxyl – your key to hormonal vitality.