Dianoxyl 10

Elevate your bodybuilding journey with Dianoxyl 10, a potent product by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. Unleash the power of Methandienone in a convenient tablet form, designed to optimize your muscle growth and performance.


Dianoxyl 10 by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is a renowned anabolic steroid containing 10 mg of Methandienone per tablet. With a heritage of excellence, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals ensures quality and effectiveness in every sachet of Dianoxyl 10.


dianoxyl 10 sachet by kalpa pharmaceuticals
Drug Class: Oral Anabolic Steroid
Main Active Substance: Methandienone
Concentration: 10 mg per tablet
Presentation: 100 tablets in a sachet
Elimination Half-Life: Approx. 3-6 hours
Recommended Dosage: Varied, consult with a healthcare professional
Anabolic Ratio: 90-210
Androgenic Ratio: 40-60
Acne: Possible
Hepatotoxicity: Yes
Aromatization: Yes
Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, India



In bodybuilding, Dianoxyl 10 is commonly used to kick-start muscle gains. For men, a typical cycle may involve a daily dosage of 20-50 mg for 4-6 weeks, while women should approach with caution due to potential virilization effects. Stack with testosterone for optimal results, and consider post-cycle therapy to maintain gains.

For Men:

Cycle Duration: 6 weeks
Week 1-6:

  • Dianoxyl 10: 30 mg/day (Divided into three doses)
  • Testoxyl Enanthate 250 (Testosterone Enanthate): 500 mg/week (Divided into two injections per week)

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) – Starting Week 8:

  • Clomixyl (Clomiphene Citrate): 50 mg/day for 4 weeks
  • Nolvaxyl (Tamoxifen Citrate): 20 mg/day for 4 weeks

For Women:

Cycle Duration: 4 weeks (Due to the risk of virilization, women should keep cycles shorter)
Week 1-4:

  • Dianoxyl 10: 5 mg/day (Divided into two doses)
  • Oxandroxyl (Oxandrolone): 10 mg/day

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) – Starting Week 6:

  • Clomixyl (Clomiphene Citrate): 25 mg/day for 3 weeks
  • Nolvaxyl (Tamoxifen Citrate): 10 mg/day for 3 weeks


  • Consult with a healthcare professional before starting any steroid cycle.
  • Use liver support supplements during the cycle to mitigate potential hepatotoxicity.
  • Adequate protection against estrogen-related side effects is crucial; consider Arimixyl (Anastrozole) if needed.
  • Regular monitoring of blood pressure and liver function is recommended throughout the cycle.
  • Adjust dosages based on individual response and tolerance.
  • Follow PCT guidelines diligently to restore natural testosterone production.

Remember, individual responses to steroids can vary, and it’s essential to prioritize safety and health during any cycle. Always seek professional guidance and monitor for any adverse effects.


While Dianoxyl 10 can yield impressive results, potential side effects include water retention, high blood pressure, and liver strain. Proper dosage, cycle length, and post-cycle therapy are crucial in minimizing these risks.

Water Retention:
Description: Dianoxyl 10 may cause water retention, leading to bloating and increased blood pressure.
Management: Adequate hydration and incorporating an aromatase inhibitor like Aromaxyl during the cycle can help mitigate water retention.

High Blood Pressure:
Description: Elevated blood pressure is a potential side effect, primarily attributed to water retention.
Management: Regular blood pressure monitoring is crucial. If significant increases occur, adjustments to the cycle or the inclusion of antihypertensive medications may be necessary.

Liver Strain (Hepatotoxicity):
Description: As an oral steroid, Dianoxyl 10 can exert strain on the liver.
Management: Use liver support supplements (e.g., Milk Thistle) during the cycle to promote liver health. Limit alcohol consumption.

Description: Dianoxyl 10 can convert to estrogen through aromatization, potentially leading to estrogenic side effects.
Management: Integrate an aromatase inhibitor, such as Aromaxyl, to control estrogen levels and reduce the risk of gynecomastia and other related issues.

Androgenic Effects:
Description: Dianoxyl 10 has moderate androgenic effects, posing a risk of acne, accelerated hair loss in individuals predisposed to male pattern baldness, and increased body hair growth.
Management: Maintain good hygiene practices to reduce the likelihood of acne. Individuals with a predisposition to hair loss may consider hair loss prevention treatments.

Virilization in Women:
Description: Women using Dianoxyl 10 are at risk of virilization symptoms, including deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement, and facial hair growth.
Management: Female users should opt for conservative dosages and shorter cycles to minimize virilization risk. Discontinue use if symptoms appear.

Cholesterol Imbalance:
Description: Anabolic steroids can negatively impact cholesterol levels by reducing HDL (good) cholesterol and increasing LDL (bad) cholesterol.
Management: Regular cardiovascular exercise and a heart-healthy diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help mitigate cholesterol imbalances.

Testosterone Suppression:
Description: Exogenous steroid use can suppress natural testosterone production, leading to temporary hypogonadism.
Management: Implement a proper post-cycle therapy (PCT) to stimulate natural testosterone recovery. PCT drugs like Clomixyl and Nolvaxyl can aid in restoring hormonal balance.

Always prioritize health and safety during steroid use. Regular medical check-ups, blood work, and consultation with healthcare professionals are crucial to monitor and manage potential side effects. Individual responses vary, and any concerning symptoms should be addressed promptly.


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